Design can be simply defined as a process of collecting data, arrange it & implement for a particular purpose. Similar to that, web designing is actually a skill to create or prepare presentations of contents to be delivered to the end-user via www i.e., World WIDE Web with the help of a web browser or other medias like TVs.

These websites are created usually using a markup language i.e., HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) defining the correct content while the layout & appearance are defined using a different language i.e., CSS (Cascading Styling Sheet). So here we can conclude that web designing involves the combination of HTML & CSS.

Elements of web designing:

  • Layout – It is a way of arrangement of text, graphics & ads on website so that the viewers can easily get what they are looking for just at a glance.
  • Color – Most websites include use of only black & white combination, but to make anything look different of all, other color combinations can also be used. Sometimes the color is chosen targeting a specific category of clients or viewers.
  • Graphics – It includes photos, videos, icons logos, etc. all these things enhance the outlook of a website & attract the viewers.
  • Fonts – Various types of fonts can be used depending upon the content to give a unique look to the webpage. But there is a limited types of fonts to be used called Web Safe Fonts.


How to create a user-friendly website?

Web designing includes making a beautiful & visually-compelling website, but one must not forget to look for user’s convenience.

Following points should be considered while designing a website:

  • Multimedia – Videos, pictures, GIFs related to the topic should be added to the webpage to make user notice the site among all others & also to make user spend more and more time on browsing & surfing there.
  • Navigation – Navigation tools like previous page, next page, must be created keeping in mind the client’s convenience.
  • Compatibility – Always try to design such a webpage which can be viewed on different search engines to increase the number of users.

The main point to be considered is consistency. While designing a website the fonts and colors should be used in a well-defined manner so that the webpage doesn’t look odd. Fonts used should be easy to read, understand & interesting.

There can be various reasons to design a website like education, promotion, marketing, information, etc.

A web developer should always try to add new content & information to the website to keep it up to date and to prevent the chances of losing the clients. The content must be easy to read, understand and interesting.